Exchange and refund

Goods return by buyers

The goods exchange and return are regulated by the law of Ukraine On Consumer Rights Protection, according to which any buyer has the right to return the goods to the seller within 14 days from the date of purchase.

A product of proper quality can be returned (or exchanged for another one) if the following conditions for returning the product are met:

  • the product is subject to exchange and return following the law of Ukraine On Consumer Rights Protection;
  • the product is fully equipped, was not used, and the package integrity was not violated (open packaging is not considered damage to the marketable state);
  • factory (warranty) seals, labels and markings are integral;
  • less than 14 days have passed since the product was received;
  • a payment document and warranty card are available.

In case of non-compliance with the above conditions, the product cannot be exchanged or returned. The relevant provisions of the law of Ukraine On Consumer Rights Protection apply to goods of improper quality.

When returning an item, you need to write an appropriate application stating and describing the reasons for the return.

If the product is returned, you can deliver it to our address yourself or by using a postal service. To do this, you need to use one of the delivery services in Ukraine and send us the BOD number.

Important! The goods are delivered at the buyer's expense. However, if the received product did not match the order (different model, etc.), then we will compensate you for transportation costs.

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