About us

Lvivimport is a leading importer of high-quality food products from European manufacturers. We use our knowledge and experience; analyze global markets to provide our customers with innovative products and the best quality, perfect in all respects.

Demand, our shared passion, hard work, and dedication of our team have become the reasons that we are developing rapidly. Our activities are focused on certified products designed for different age categories. As a result, the range of our products is represented in many local networks of Ukraine.

The ever-growing demand led to the company's decision to expand the product range and search for partners for long-term cooperation. As a result, we have gained experience in the high-quality presentation of products from leading European manufacturers in Ukraine.

Lvivimport cares about the next generations of consumers. Quality, tradition, respect, reliability and continuous innovation are the company's key values. We start each day with one simple intention: to do better than the day before.

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